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“Abundant Life”

 John 10:1-11


Verse 10 speaks of having life more abundantly. Some think that trusting Christ as their personal Savior is all that they need to do. Trusting Christ as Savior is the most important decision one can make, however, the Lord did not intend for it to stop there. He designed it that we may have an abundant Christian life.


Satan, the greatest thief known to mankind, will steal as much from you as he can. If he can steal you away and keep you bound for Hell he will. If you say that you have assurance of your salvation and you know that you will be in Heaven then he will steal the thoughts from your mind and convince you that trusting Christ is enough. Let me ask you a question. Is that enough for you?


Jesus came into this world that you might have eternal life. But there is another part of the plan that you must not overlook. He came not only to give you life; He wants you to have abundant life. Abundant means more than overflowing; more than we desire for ourselves. Are you living your life to its fullness?


Abundant life is more than attending church on a weekly basis. It is more than serving as a deacon or as a Sunday School teacher. It is even more than being a pastor. Abundant life is not fulfilling some religious duty; you cannot substitute activity for spirituality. Christ desires so much more for your life than you desire for yourself. I find it hard to even imagine, as much as God has blessed me that He desired to bless me even more than He has. Ask the Lord to help you start living your life more abundantly.


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